Monday, October 10, 2011

Homeschooling Update

We are having a grand time.  We have our moments, but I do not regret this decision.  We have gone on field trips, taken classes, bonded and feel more relaxed.  This was not possible when they were in public school.

These items listed above mean more to me at this moment than completing 5 subjects in one day.  I am trying to find a better grammar, spelling and spanish learning program/lessons.  But we are moving forward and I feel making progress.  Not giant leaps but pretty good baby hops or stumble steps.

Blog Help!!!!

I am so blog dumb that I have not been blogging because of it.  I have so much to show and tell and no clue what to do.  So those who are following or listening.  Be patient.

I am finding some tutorials and tips on websites, but I feel even more lost when I read them.  My wonderful husband, who could probably figure this all out is not here but out working so that I may be able to do this great adventure.  I LOVE YOU, honey and miss you.

Unbloggily yours,

Lanelle (Mama Fry)