Thursday, May 24, 2012

What is my destiny?

Before you start wondering where the title came from, let us just say that this is the question I did not realize I had.

Destiny, what is it?  Why do we wonder?  God has a path for each of us, a destiny.

Are we following our destiny?  Well, it all depends on who you are following and listening to.  Has that voice in your head starting whispering yet?  It has in me and I am realizing that it's voice sounds too much like my own.

If someone was to tell me that I would be a stay-at-home mom that home schooled, I would have said, "Are you crazy, God has gifted me with a wonderful mind and a pretty good work ethic.  Why would I waste the opportunity to contribute to my family by doing this? "

I have been trying to follow God in what He wants of me.  I have been trying to listen to God in what He wants to say to me.

I am understanding that "my destiny" is different than "His destiny".  Even now as our first year of homeschooling ends, I can see progress in my children.  It is not all academic, which is what I sought.  I see a more loving sister relationship, 2 daughters that are gaining a true friendship, a family that is seeking God more now than at the beginning of the year, a child that is happy and go lucky without medication, and another that is trying to find her own place away from peers.

I am humbled how the Lord is working on me.  I am seeking Him more and understanding that HE is control not me.  HE is changing me and by that He is allowing me to be an example.

I have not been the perfect, patient and loving mother that they should have, but God is changing it.

I may not be able to pull scripture from my brain or tell a Bible story without studying it first, but I am working on that for myself and my children.

FAITH in the LORD.  FAITH is what I seek.  FAITH is all I have to rely on.  FAITH is my destiny.

With this revelation and word from God, I am moving forward and looking forward to our second year.  A lot more structure and curriculum, but not going overboard.  I feel that HIS work in me is the best curriculum I can give my family.