Monday, November 26, 2012

Advent vs. Christmas

I am not always eloquent in referencing the Bible.  So please bare with a heart who seeks, loves and praises God but does not always know how to do that in writing.  I am not good at quoting scripture, but am working on that.

What is Advent?  Advent is the reason there is a Christmas.  The definition for advent is the waiting on the arrival of something important.  As Christians we are waiting for the day we celebrate the birth of the Christ child.  We celebrate the arrival he has made and the one we anticipate of His return.

What is Christmas?  It is the commercialization that we, and I mean Christians too, have used to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  I have been guilty of taking the CHRIST out of Christmas.  As a child we did not have a lot, so here comes my children and I just want to give and give and give and give ............  I have done a disservice to them, myself, and most of all my Christ.

Without Christ, I would not have all that I have.  This is a time of the year to feel blessed and nothing can buy that.  I have spent the last two years exploring new ways to celebrate and enjoy this season.  With homeschooling, I can do more teaching about our Christ, I can teach less commercialism, I can teach how to do and make things, and I can teach how to give rather than receive.

I am teaching the girls to make special gifts and give to others.  Also, stay within a very minimum budget to buy some gifts.  Most importantly to remember that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus.

As the month begins I and most of the family will be doing the following:

-  Advent Bible Study at GMG

-  Spend time doing something each night as a family - games, reading books, watching movies, doing something special

-  Make gifts for my family

-  Do "Truth in the Tinsel"

-  Help my girls make gifts for family and friends

-  Make gifts for other children

-  Bake and make goodies for several missions

I am also doing the 12 Days of Christmas with my family.  This is much like Christmas everyday.  I have small gifts that are made and bought inexpensive little gifts that will be placed in the tree starting the 14th, and on Christmas Day (Day 12), the main gifts will be given (staying within a strict budget).  It was a lot of fun last year.  Be intentional with this season.

Merry Christmas and God Bless.