Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh FATHER please walk with me

Feeling overwhelmed, out of control, impatient and can't put it in words.

I know in my heart and believe that the Lord will not forsake me or give me more than I can handle.  Lately I am feeling pulled, tugged and in a battle that the Lord can only take care of.

Curriculum, schedule and children not wanting to cooperate are only a small part of the issue.  My husband came to me a few weeks ago with a job offer he was offered, in another city and state.  An opportunity that is very good financially and would keep him from traveling so much.

Let me back up in time and let you know more.  Since July 2010, he has been traveling back and forth from home (Bham, AL) to a client's site in Lafayette, LA.  We see him an average of 24-36 hours every week and we have had him home for 9 weeks over this time for holidays and a vacation this year.  So putting us in one location together would be wonderful.

What's the problem?  Well, the house.  The housing market is mediocre and we still have in progress updates going on.  I have little time with homeschooling and our schedule, dad is not home to help, I need another set of hands to do most of the task (yes I am the handyman in the family) and two little girls who want to play, watch TV and do very little to help around the house.

I (we) need prayers for direction and blessing in what is to be decided and things to come.

On a better note, the girls are doing good this first year of school.  I am pleased but feel that we could do better in our school.  Gave the girls their report cards this morning and discussed why they did not receive A's but B's and B+'s.

I am a proud mom for their effort this first part of our first year at home.