Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Routines - Part 2

I am finding that using a routine mind frame is easier to set up our "day".  It gets the 3 ladies of the house moving.  I admit that I am not "lazy", but when it comes to getting going, I am a PROCRASTINATOR.  I like having the routine, because it creates a set thing to do then move onto the next thing.

I joined FlyLady a few weeks ago, and I love this site.  I am still doing baby steps, and have not gotten very far, but I am making sure that I am consistent.  This site has you work on routine, rather than clean everything.  Little steps and then you see no need for the big steps as often.

Here is what our routine looks like now.

- Get up, dressed, beds made, teeth and hair brushed
- Eat breakfast
- Do household chores for that day (I split the chores into smaller segments, instead of the big segment we used to do on Saturday) Aleluia!!!!  It has worked wonders.
- Morning Class Routine begins at 8:30 (The girls love that they can begin some of their work if they get to the classroom before 8:30)  We have 10 things we do in the MCR and I still have 2 items to add
- Morning lessons
- Snack around 10:00
- Continue work if not finished
- Lunch around 12:00-12:30ish
- Read Alone - Quiet time for 30 minutes

NO TV till school work is complete but not until after 3:00.  If they are finished they can play before 3:00.

I have introduced one - two new things a week to help in the routine and to allow me time to make better preparations and planning.  As I have watched and listened to the girls over the last 5 weeks, I have had to reconsider some choices and items I did or did not want to do.  Remember that this is my first year homeschooling, but they have many years of public schooling in them (Ry 5th gr and Ash 3rd gr).  They are feeling underwhelmed and overwhelmed at the same time.  Things are different and we need this transition and gradual increase to best fit each child, and MOMMY.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Routine vs Schedule

Yes we have started school.  We started July 11th.  This was so that we could start slow and establish the change or difference between public schooling and home schooling.

Routine vs Schedule is what my biggest breakthrough has been these first days. Having a consistent routine and gradually adding to it has shown great progress.  I have tried to create routines that the girls would follow when they were in public school, so that they knew what was expected of them and to teach them responsibility.

Homeschooling changes the schedule, but we also change the routine.  We used to have to be at the bus stop before 6:50 every morning, but now they "can" sleep till 7:00.  This change has created a little less grumpiness.   I am still trying to establish a me routine for the morning, where I can have some exercise time and soul prepping for the day.  Have not got it down yet.  I am not setting a good example for being with the Lord and sometimes it shows with frustration and getting upset with them.

My goals for the next week will be to add 15-20 minutes of treadmill with working on a Bible Study I have been trying to do.

Please send your prayers!!!!

PS  I am still learning how to blog, so I will try to add buttons and links to my favorites soon.