Thursday, August 9, 2012

UN-DO, UN-DO, Okay RE-Do

How many of us would like to have an UN-DO button for our life.  I have too many to count, but know that for each UN-DO there is an "OH" moment to follow.  The "OH"'s are what we learn from for our lives.

Homeschooling, mothering, homemaking, crafting, wifing (?), etc. are areas that I find may need an "UN-DO" button sometimes.  Life can not give us an UN-DO button, so let us have a RE-DO.  A RE-DO is a refocus, a re-evaluation, a refresh and a resume.

I have read so many blogs from many of my favorite bloggers that are having a crisis of RE-DO.  So I know that I am not alone.

Homeschooling 2012-2013 has begun, but 2011-2012 does not seem closed.  I believe that has to do with the unfulfilled goals (mommy's) and the papers not filed away just yet.  Those unfinished tasks are weighing on my mind and creating a lack of focus.

I have chosen some wonderful curriculum for this year.  We have a new classroom.  We have a new teacher (daddy).  We have a new start in an old place.  All these should help in feeling we are ready for this year, but so much is still unsettled.

We are not moving to Texas, but staying right where we are.  Husband is working for old company and not traveling as much, so we are learning to be a family again.  The house has been updated and repaired.  Then redecorated by undecorating and then redecorated for a new RE-DO.

Time for prayer and refocus, time for prayer and refreshing, time for prayer and re-evaluation, and time for prayer and resume.  The main thing is TIME for PRAYER.  I tried to do too much too fast in the last few months, but time to let God help me on this one.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not Dead, Not Focused, Not Sure

I haven't blogged in a while but still breathing, so NOT DEAD.  Too many things running my mind, life and time, so NOT FOCUSED.  So what am I, NOT SURE.

I am still a mom.  I am still homeschooling two DDs.  I am still in Alabama.  I am still married.  I am still relying on God.  I am still strruggling with schedules.  I am still struggling with too much.

I just wanted to let some of you know that I am trying to restart this blog.  This was such an idea for me to share my experience with my first year of homeschooling.  I just lost track and did not blog much.
Then life changes started happening.  So, here is to a do-over.  This is the beginning of year two, but it is much more a do-over for year one.

I'll keep you informed with this do-over.  Also, hubby is home now and can help me work on this blog which I really need.  Not to mention, he is starting his own blog.  I will bring you along for his adventure too.

Sincerely blessed,

Mama Fry