Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012-2013 School Year

This is our second year of homeschooling.  Last year was the year to break public school habits and introduce routines and responsibility.

About the Students

With all that, we also ended years of ADD meds on my oldest daughter, Ry.  I believe in the medication when it is truly needed, and it was needed while in public school.  At home, there are times that it would be a benefit, but I am glad she is off the meds.  She is happier, easier to deal with and a lot more joy to be around.  Since being off the ADD meds, the Asperger's is more noticeable, but manageable.  We have to work harder to stay focused but I enjoy this child more than the frustration in the teaching.

So that leaves my youngest daughter, Ash.  She is creative, full of energy, a "little mommy" and overly emotional.  She is also struggling at reading and spelling, which our thoughts are leaning to dyslexia.  She is a natural at math, like mommy.  She is interested in fashion.

About the Teachers

Now you have the facts about the students, let me tell you about the teachers.

Mommy is a former K4 teacher with a degree in Early Childhood.  I can be a little over ambitious, over organized, over-whelmed, a wanna be super mom and desiring to fulfill God's plan for me to teach my children.

Daddy is a computer geek.  He overcame dyslexia, and completed college with an Accounting Degree.  He travels with work and until recently was away from home (except for 24-36 hour weekends) for two years.  Now that he is home 90% of the time, he is involved with the homeschooling.  He is assigned the task of Science Teacher and Geek Teacher (Computer).

About the Curriculum

Last year was a very eclectic creating of curriculum using this and that.  This year I am using some pre-packaged curriculum, old textbooks and creating some of the rest.

Paths of Exploration - Geography, History, Reading, Narration, Writing, Grammar and Word Study
This is good for multiple grades and abilities.  Set up in 6 units with 6 weeks of lessons per unit.  I am enjoying this curriculum because it is written out well and detailed.  I purchased the full package, so I would not have to run around looking for all the materials.

Phonics Pathways and Reading Pathways - Phonics and Reading
This curriculum is good for beginning phonics and reading with a kindergartner or for using as remedial help for a struggling child or adult.  It is a little harder to follow, but you can figure it out.  We are just starting but this is to help my struggling reader and speller.

Math U See - Multiple levels
I have bought the full package for Beta and Gamma, but picked up a used teacher's book for Primary and Alpha for having pre Beta and Gamma teaching info.  This is in hopes of moving through it to bring us up to speed then move on.  I have a child struggling with math basics and one that is good at math.  I like what I have seen but we are using a new way of learning math.  This creates a learning time for the program.  The curriculum comes with DVDs for teaching, as well as a teacher's manual.  I will keep you informed.

The World's Greatest Artists and Composers - Art and Music Appreciation
This curriculum is from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We have just begun but I like what I have so far.  The books for reading that are used with the curriculum are found in most libraries or Amazon.  She supplies all the materials for lapbooks and notebooks and lesson plans.  I am using this over a two year time frame.

Harcourt Science (Grade 4 - 2006 edition) and Young Scientist Lab Experiments
I found these books at a curriculum sale locally and the Young Scientist Lab Experiments from the internet.  Daddy is using book and internet to create lesson plans.  The girls are loving what daddy is doing.   I'll keep you posted.

Bible - this is a hodgepodge of various books and resources.
I have found that some of the curriculum out there is confusing to the girls, not teaching them what they need to know as tween girls and either not in-depth enough or too in-depth for them to understand.  I am using 3-5 different things and I will alternate daily.

My main concern is they are Daughter's of God and tweens.  So some resources are from the Lily series by Nancy Rue.  She has a wonderful series of fiction books that have companion books that tie everything together.  There are books about Beauty, Body, Rules, etc.  With this set I am using the More to Be Beauty Pledge.

In-depth study comes from A Faith to Grow On by John MacArthur and Who is God? by Apologia.

Dance Mat Typing - Typing and Keyboard Lessons by BBC
This is a free online lesson class.  I have read wonderful articles from many homeschoolers.  I played with it this weekend and it was fun.  The kids will love this. - math games
This is "for fun" math games to break up a day.

Well that does not include chess lessons, art lessons and baton lessons.

Full plate!!!!!!

I hope not and I hope so.  Having too much free time starts the fight over TV and responsibilities.  Responsibilities and home economics are other parts of homeschool.  I'll save that for another blog.

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  1. Whew! It sounds like you know what you are doing and are fully invested in the home education of your children. God Bless you as you do this!
    I'm originally from Central AL, all of my family still lives there, in Prattville, which is in between Montgomery and Birmingham. I saw on your info Central AL is where you live! Small world.