Friday, February 15, 2013

What's New?!!!!!

It has been a while since I wrote on my blog.  Trying to get hubby to help me with some nuances, but he is busy helping teach and with a workload that has increased 150%.

We are still using Trail Guide to Learning Paths of Exploration.  We are studying Jamestown but we are a little behind with the schedule.  I plan to condense and pair down what there is for the first 3 weeks of the unit.  We have been reading the books though, so I don't feel so guilty.

We have been working on everything from Math, English, Bible, Writing, Geography, etc.  I am trying to prepare them for the Stanford Assessment Test (SAT).  I am working on getting them caught up on what I believe I have not taught them in the last year and a half.  Believe me, I do not feel very guilty about this.  They just weren't getting it last year so I did not push too hard.  They seem to be grasping it much better and I am using some tools that seem to be helping.

I don't have lots of wall space in the basement classroom, therefore keeping info up for them to "see" is difficult.  I figured out a way to get around that.  You know those project boards?  I am using them as a subject board.  Each one is set up with anchor charts, info posters, etc. about that subject. (Maybe I will try to load up some pictures.)  I bring them out when we are ready to learn about that subject.  Along with that, the girls are doing ISNs (Interactive Student Notebooks). I know this seems a lot like what is done in public school, but I am seeing such progress, I don't care.  They are learning, and what makes this so different than "notebooks" and "lapbooks".

To keep up with what we are doing, I am doing it with them, but mine has a few extra notes for teaching. This has been a great year.  We have not had it easy with schedules changing or extra things being thrown at us.

I am still adding, taking away, and changing things up - BEING FLEXIBLE.

Keeping God our main focus has been very helpful.  I feel the girls are really showing character growth.  I am trying to focus on SEEKING God's wisdom.

Praying for wisdom and guidance.

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